Why do I Blog?

Why do I Blog?

As part of the Hashnode Technical Writing Bootcamp, we were asked to write about why we blog. This would be the reference when facing Writer's block.

My main motivations for blogging are like the ones I mentioned in my article on successful blogging.

Reference for Future

I want to write about things that would benefit me in the future. There are many situations where you look up the same information multiple times even from the same source. In these cases, it would help to have all the information in the same source, which is my blog.

Improve my Understanding

Sharing your knowledge also helps in improving your understanding of the topic as you are trying to explain the concept to someone who might not have any background on the topic.

Give back to the Community

Even though I am not the most knowledgeable person on a topic, my writing could help someone going through the same problems. And these moments are always rewarding knowing that you helped someone & motivate you to keep writing.

Get Feedback

Often, you get to know more about the topic from your readers. There could be better ways of solving a problem. It helps you in unearthing new information about a topic.

I would be happy to get your feedback / opinions on blogging.